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Booster Pumps / Constant Pressure

Booster Pumps

The DAB Electronic Water Booster  Pressure System provides the comfort of constant water pressure, plus saves energy. Features a water-cooled motor, sound-dampening ABS housing and anti-vibration feet for very quiet operation — just 45dB in normal use. Water Pressure System


  • Self-priming, multi-stage pump with electronic inverter management
  • Pressure and flow sensors
  • High-resolution LCD display
  • Integrated 0.5-gallon expansion tank
  • Installs vertically or horizontally
  • Constant pressure can be set from 15 to 80 PSI
  • Durable ABS enclosure
  • Suitable for use with drinking water and gardening applications


Benefits of Using a SubDrive Utility UT2W

• Constant Water Pressure: The Franklin Electric SubDrive Utility provides consistent pressure regulation using advanced electronics to drive a standard motor and pump according to the pressure demands indicated by a highly accurate, heavy-duty, long-life pressure sensor or analog pressure transducer. By adjusting the motor/pump speed, the SubDrive Utility can deliver constant pressure dependably, even as water demand changes. For example, a small demand on the system, such as a bathroom faucet, results in the motor/pump running at a relatively low speed. As greater demands are placed on the system, such as opening additional faucets or using appliances, the speed increases accordingly to maintain the desired system pressure. Using the provided SubDrive pressure sensor, system pressure can be set in the range of 25–80 psi (1.7–5.5 bar).

• Reduced Tank Size: Conventional systems use larger tanks in order to store water, whereas SubDrive Utility systems may utilize a smaller tank in order to maintain constant pressure.

• Over Temperature Foldback: SubDrive Utility controllers are designed for full power operation in ambient temperatures up to 122 °F (50 °C) at nominal input voltage. In extreme thermal conditions, the controller will reduce output power in an attempt to avoid shutdown and potential damage while still trying to provide water. Full output power is restored when the internal controller temperature cools to a safe level.

• Motor Soft Start: Normally, when there is a demand for water, the SubDrive Utility will be operating to accurately maintain system pressure. Whenever the SubDrive Utility detects that water is being used, the controller always “ramps up” the motor speed while gradually increasing voltage, resulting in a cooler motor and lower start-up current compared to conventional water systems. In those cases where the demand for water is small, the system may cycle on and off at low speed. Due to the controller’s soft-start feature and the sensor’s robust design, this will not harm the motor or the pressure sensor.Adjustable

• Under-load Sensitivity: The SubDrive Utility controller is configured at the factory to ensure detection of under-load faults in a wide variety of pumping applications. In rare cases (as with certain pumps in shallow wells), this trip level may result in nuisance faults. If the pump is installed in a shallow well, activate the controller and observe system behavior. Once the controller begins to regulate pressure, check operation at several flow rates to make sure the default sensitivity does not induce nuisance under-load trips.


The Franklin Electric SubDrive Utility is designed to be part of a system that consists of only four (4) components:
A. Standard Pump and Franklin Electric Motor
B. SubDrive Utility Controller
C. Pressure Tank
D. Franklin Electric Pressure Sensor

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