Iron Filtration Systems for Well Water

Does Your Tap Water appear Rusty or Reddish-Brown?

Are There Rust Stains in Your Tubs, Toilets or Sinks?

Does Your Water Have a Metallic Taste or Smell?

Iron filtration systems from Fehl Safe Water Treatment will solve all of these problems.  High levels of iron in well water not only makes your well water less appealing to drink, cook or bathe with, but high levels of iron in your water can lead to expensive damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances as well as ruin clothing. The professionals at We are experts at finding the right solution to remove iron from your well water and have been doing so in Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties since 1981.

The right solution starts with testing your well water to determine exactly what it contains and at what levels. There are two different types of iron that could be in your well water. There is soluble or “ferrous” iron and insoluble or “ferric” iron. Well water that is high in iron content may also contain high levels of manganese, sulfur (hydrogen sulfide), and even arsenic. Once we determine the exact nature of your well water, we can recommend the proper iron filtration systems to alleviate the problem.

Iron Filtration Systems

There are many types of iron filtration systems designed to remove iron from your water. At Fehl Safe Water Treatment we service many types including Greensand systems, but for new installations or as these older units reach their service life, we focus on installing softeners/filters that use a special resin media/polymer called Macro-porous. This macro porous polymer offers a highly effective means to absorb and extract hydrocarbons from water. It also effectively replaces the need to have two separate systems for iron removal and water softening.

For Iron Filtration Systems put the experts at Fehl Safe Water Treatmenton Your Side

We are a locally owned family business. Since 1981 the professionals at Fehl Safe Water Treatment have provided Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte counties with affordable and effective solutions to their Commercial and Residential water treatment needs. Whether you’re on city or municipal water or you rely on your own water well, the experts at Fehl Safe Water Treatment have the expertise to tackle any problem or need. From water testing, iron water filtration systems, water softening, water treatments, or water well pump repairs and replacement, we do it all. Named multiple times by the Venice Gondolier-Sun as a Readers’ Choice Award Winner, we strive every day to earn and grow our reputation and live up to our customers’ expectations. If you believe you have excess iron in your well water, call today.

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