Well Water

Well Water Filtration Systems Remove Common Bacteria and Contaminants Found in Your Well Water

Well Water Filtration Systems are an important component of your water well system.  Nothing is as important as the quality of your water supply. For many of our neighbors in our service areas this means accessing well water through various types of water well pumps. Water that comes from a well is susceptible to a variety of contaminants. Some of these occur naturally and others may be man-made. Because well water can become contaminated with lead, nitrates, bacteria like coliform, and potentially dangerous organic compounds it’s advisable to have a well water filtration system. There are a number of different types of well water filtration systems that address specific contaminants in your water. The only way to be sure of which filtration system is right for your well is to have your well water tested by a professional water testing company. The experts at Fehl Safe Water Treatment have been testing and evaluating well water since 1981.

Common Reasons Why You Need a Customized Well Water Filtration System

  • Your well is located on property used for agricultural purposes. When livestock are present water should routinely be checked for the presence of bacteria. Agricultural environments where fertilizers are used can also increase the likelihood of the presence of arsenic, nitrates, sulfates, chloride, lead and sodium.
  • Wells come in all sizes depending on the situation and the level of consumption required. Different sized wells pump water at different rates. Our technicians will evaluate the flow rate from your well’s pump. Most well water filtration systems are self-cleaning, and they require a minimum flow rate. If your existing well only produces 7 or 8 gallons a minute but a treatment system requires 10 gallons a minute the system will eventually fail. It takes a trained professional to analyze your situation and create a customized filtration solution.
  • Water pressure also plays a key role in determining the proper well water filtration system. Installing a water treatment system for your well will cause the water pressure to be decreased. The last thing you want to do is install the wrong filtration system and negatively affect the water pressure in your bathrooms, kitchen and appliances.

Fehl Safe Water Treatment Well Water Filtration Systems Solve these Common Problems

  • Does your water smell like rotten eggs? This is a common occurrence and indicates the presence of sulfur in your water. By removing chemicals and metals from your water it will not only smell better, it will taste better.
  • Filtration systems effectively remove substances like heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine that can aggravate or lead to skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.
  • Bottled water can be very expensive. A typical family of 4 where each member consumes 3 bottles of water a day, could see annual savings of between $500 and $700.
  • Because a filtration system removes minerals, chemicals and heavy metals from your water your appliances will last longer. Compared to repairing or replacing a dishwasher, washing machine or refrigerator, water filtration systems are a bargain.
  • Use less soap for bathing, washing dishes or clothes. You’ll not only use less soap which saves you money, your clothes will last longer, and dishes won’t have smelly deposits on them
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